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Agriculture is Eden's main industry, consisting of some of the most fertile, well drained soils in New York State. Eden is a major center for vegetable production. Vegetables from Eden Valley are shipped all over Western New York as well as into neighboring states. The long growing season usually extends from early May through October. A wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables are available at many farm markets and farm pick-your-own operations.

Agriculture is Eden's main industry, consisting of some of the most fertile, 
 well drained soils in New York State.

Eden also boasts many outstanding dairy farms that help assure a continuous supply of milk and dairy products for Western New York.

Of growing importance is Eden's contribution to the horticulture industry. The numerous greenhouses in Eden produce many types of seasonal and holiday flowering plants that help to beautify all of Western New York, both indoors and out. Residents of Eden are very gratified of their proximity to a wide variety of Farms and Greenhouse products and are proud to call their hometown "The Garden Spot of New York State."

Every year the Eden Corn Festival helps to showcase Eden for its hospitality and importance in Agriculture. The Festival is a 4-day celebration of the summer harvest, which has been held annually since 1964.

This community-wide event succeeds in bringing together the towns people in helping with the many festival-related activities. Activities include a carnival, ball games, queen pageant, and other competitions.

Of course, the center attraction is fresh sweet corn, always available in abundance during this time of year.


  • David Zittel (Chairman)
  • Karyn Agle
  • Gerald Mammoser
  • William Henry
  • Paul Laing, Jr.
  • Felice Krycia
  • Councilman Susan Wilhem (Liaison)

Why are Eden farms important to the community?

  • Farming supports the local economy. Edenís more than 40 active farms contributed to the $117 million of agricultural products sold in Erie County in 2007 (Census of Agriculture). One of the most successful small grower cooperatives in the state is Eden Valley Growers. Beyond the direct revenues Edenís farms generate, the local economy benefits further from farm dollars paid to workers and farm supply and service businesses, who in turn spend some of those dollars locally, creating a ďmultiplier effect.Ē
  • Farmers are stewards of the land. Half of the townís total acreage is in active agricultural production or in woods and open space associated with farms. These lands provide wildlife habitat, can serve as buffers to protect water quality, and add to the rural character and scenic beauty of our town.
  • Farmland helps Eden balance its budget. Farmland uses less in services than it pays in property taxes thus providing a ďtax profitĒ for the town. Residences do the opposite, requiring more in services than they pay in property taxes. Edenís working farmland helps to balance tax income and expenses.
  • Edenís heritage is intertwined with the history of its 4th and 5th generation farms. Edenís farm families are integral to the communityís rural character. They serve as volunteers in community organizations, as leaders in local government and as supporters of the Welch Farm Museum and events like the Eden Corn Festival.
  • Edenís residents have ready access to fresh farm products, grown by our neighbors. Vegetable and greenhouse farms may be most visible in town, but dairy farms, sheep, beef, alpacas, chickens, turkeys, horses, grapes, Christmas trees, hay and more are among Edenís agricultural offerings.

For more details, view the link below:
Town of Eden Agricultural and Farmland Protection Plan Brochure

Town of Edenís Agricultural and Farmland Protection Plan

The Town of Edenís Agricultural and Farmland Protection Plan was funded with a grant from the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets in 2008. Eden has been proactive in supporting its agricultural industry and developed a similar report on the state of agriculture in 1998. Many changes have occurred in the past decade and it has been valuable to reassess current conditions and reevaluate appropriate tools to protect farmland and strengthen the future for agriculture.

An Agricultural Planning Committee, comprised of representatives from the Agricultural Advisory Committee, Conservation Advisory Board, Planning Board, and Town Board, guided the plan development process. This process included over 11 meetings of the Agricultural Planning Committee, two public meetings and fourteen interviews of farmers, farm landowners, and agribusiness owners.

The planning process identified three goals:

  • Stabilize the townís agricultural land base and maintain 95% of the current active agricultural land in production through the next ten years. Support Eden farmers as stewards of the land and other natural resources in the Town.

  • Maintain a supportive business environment for farm operations.

  • Educate the non-farm public about agriculture and facilitate an ongoing dialogue between the farm community and other Eden residents.

Recommended actions to meet these goals and a matrix prioritizing the implementation of the actions are included in the Plan. Additional resources for Town leaders to access as needed are part of the Appendix.

A plan is only as good as the executed results. Town leaders, local officials, farmers, and citizens need to refer to the plan often to guide decisions and actions that may affect farmland and Edenís farm businesses.

The above is the Executive Summary taken from the Town of Eden's Agricultural and Farmland Protection Plan. For full disclosure on the plan please utilize the link below.

Adoption: August 12, 2009, the Town of Eden's Agricultural & Farmland Protection Plan was unanimously approved by the Eden Town Board. Link: Town of Eden's Agricultural & Farmland Protection Plan


Guidelines for Review of Local Zoning & Planning Laws

Attached below is the link to the New York State Guidelines for Review of Local Zoning & Planning Laws as it relates in an Agricultural District and the parameters.

Link: Guidelines for Review of Local Zoning & Planning Laws

Farmers' Market/Farms

Agle Markets
7952 N.Gowanda State Rd
Eden, NY 14057
(716) 992- 4290
Assorted flowers, perennials, evergreens, Seasonal vegetables and fruits;

Amos Zittel & Sons, Inc.
3275 Webster Rd
Eden, NY 14057,
Call: (716)649-6340
Fax: (716)649-6347
Email: office@zittels.com
Hours: 8:00-5:00
Hours: (during season): Mon.- Sat. 8:00-8:00; Sun. 8:00-6:00
Farm & greenhouses, fresh market vegetables & greenhouse flower production. Retail sales at Zittel's Country Market, Bayview and Rt. 20, Hamburg, NY
Visit us at Amos Zittel & Sons, Inc.
Contact: Paul Zittel
Eden Valley Growers, Inc.
7502 N. Gowanda State Road
Eden, NY 14057
(716) 992-9721
Hours (during season):8:00-6:00
Hours (off season): 8:00-4:00
Cooperative shipping & sales of wholesale produce;
May 1st Greenhouse Outlet-retail flower sales
Visit us at: Eden Valley Growers, Inc.
Contact: Gary Balone
W.D. Henry & Sons, Inc.
7189 Gowanda State Road
Eden, NY 14057
(716) 648-4673
Hours: Mon.-Fri:8:00-5:00 Wholesale Produce, Perennials, Annuals, Potted Plants, Plant Transplants, Flowers and Vegetables.

WD Henry and Sons produces a variety of wholesale fresh market vegetables. Our wholesale greenhouse provides holiday potted crops, such as lilies, mums, bulb crops and poinsettias. We offer a full line of spring bedding plants in various pack and pot sizes, as well as hanging baskets. We also grow, for wholesale use, various plugs, cuttings and vegetable transplants.
Visit us at W.D. Henry & Sons, Inc.
Contact: Mark or Dan Henry
Laing-Gro Fertilizers, Inc.
8656 Depot Street
Eden, NY 14057
(716) 992-3830
Hours: Mon.-Fri: 8:00-4:30
Manufacture "Laing-Gro" fertilizer, wholesale/retail-turf seed, farm seed, farm chemicals; deliver water.
Contact: Paul C. Laing, Jr.
Mammoser Farms
3881 Hardt Road
Eden, NY 14057
(716) 992-9548
Dairy Farm
Contact: Jerry Mammoser
Weiss Farms
7829 East Eden Road
Eden, NY 14057,
(716) 992-9619
Hours: Call ahead of time for hours (during season)
Fruits & Vegetables, You pick Strawberries and Pumpkins
Contact: Anthony Weiss

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 Agriculture is Eden's main industry, consisting of some of the most fertile, 
 well drained soils in New York State.