Although primarily agricultural in nature, Eden houses several light manufacturing firms as well as many small businesses.

The World's Sole Producer of Metal Kazoos!

One of the better known local industries is the Eden Kazoo Company, which is the only metal Kazoo manufacturer in the United States. Of growing importance to Eden's contribution to the tax bases are a number of businesses that serve not only the residents of Eden but the surrounding areas.

For a complete list of businesses in Eden please visit this link--->>>Businesses

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The Town of Eden's Goals in the Economic climate are to achieve the following concepts as per their 2015 Comprehensive Masterplan:

  • Support the continued viability of existing businesses, and encourage/promote the establishment of new enterprises by providing a business friendly environment.

  • Provide the opportunity for industrial and commercial development to locate near water, sewer and transportation infrastructure

  • Increase the diversity of industry and commerce in the community

  • Promote cooperative programs that provide area youth with the opportunity to learn and offer businesses improved manpower resources

  • Engage economic development agencies, local businesses and civic institutions serving the area in cooperative efforts to promote adequate and stable employment by retaining existing businesses and attracting new ones

  • Improve government regulations and procedures to help business activity within the community

    This plan has identified eight major Goals and objectives of the community: Rural Character preservation, Eden Center Redevelopment, Economic Development, Agricultural Development & Farmland Preservation, Open Space Conservation, Environmental Protection, Growth Management, & Transportation System Management.

    More information may be found on the Town of Eden's 2015 Comprehensive Masterplan at this link-->>> Town of Eden's 2015 Comprehensive Masterplan

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    GIS Maps

    The Town of Eden's Geographical Information Maps ("GIS") has been created to offer public access to the many layers available in the Town of Eden's Geographic Information System ("GIS").

    GIS Maps

    Through this dynamic system, information such as property parcels, roads, pond locations, sewer and water line locations, and environmental features (wetlands, open space, etc.) can provide maps that can be displayed, queried and printed.

    These intuitive power of maps reveal trends, patterns, and answers that are not as easily detected in other data presentation formats. GIS allows us to view, understand, question, interpret, make informed decisions and visualize data in ways simply not possible in the rows and columns of a spreadsheet. Beautiful and interesting maps provide better decision making tools and analysis. Thus making a difference in the decisions we make about our town! Please note --- when you click on the link to the GIS Maps below you will be leaving the Main Town of Eden's Website and visiting a subset of their website. Once you enter this site, please click on the middle button marked "GIS" to enter the maps specifically. This GIS subset site may be found at this link--->> GIS Maps

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    Economic Advisory Committee

    The goal of the Economic Advisory Committee is to seek new businesses and to aid in existing businesses endeavors while streamlining their processes.

    For a list of the members of the Economic Advisory Committee or if you wish to join, please follow this link to obtain conact information ---->>Municipal Directory

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    Eden Chamber of Commerce

    Eden Chamber of Commerce is a non-partisan, non-sectarian, not-for-profit corporation that was created to advance the commercial, industrial, civic and farming interests of the Town of Eden.

    The Chamber is staffed by volunteers. A nine-member Board of Directors is elected from the general membership and serves staggered three-year terms of office. Through monthly meetings they work to establish policies and programs that will be beneficial to Eden's business community. Other volunteers serve on committees that oversee particular areas of concern.

    Visit the Eden Chamber of Commerce at this link:--->>Eden Chamber of Commerce

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