Enter the Town of Eden's Geographical Information System using ARC Internet Mapping System.
Introduction to the Town of Eden Geographical Information System/Arc IMS Mapping System on the Internet. . GIS allows us to view, understand, question, interpret, make informed decisions and visualize data in ways simply not possible in the rows and columns of a spreadsheet. Beautiful and interesting maps provide better decision making tools and analysis. Thus making a difference in the decisions we make about our town! It may be helpful to print this page prior to entering Eden's Internet Mapping Site (IMS)to use as reference tool in navigating. Click on this button to enter the Town of Eden's Internet Mapping System Frequently Asked Questions may have just the answer you're looking to have resolved. Our endeavors are on-going in developing this site, if you should have any questions or suggestions for us please do not hesitate to contact us. The Town of Eden makes no warranty, representation or guaranty as to the content, sequence, accuracy, timeliness or completeness of any of the data provided herein. The use of these applications indicates your unconditional acceptance of this disclaimer . Return to the Town of Eden's Homepage Site at www.edenny.org  
Return to the Town of Eden's Homepage Site at www.edenny.org
Does my computer need to have any special system requirements?
  • The Internet Mapping System will run on most computers. Best recommendation for favorable operations would be a computer with the specifications listed below:
  • Intel Pentium III or compatible Athlon AMD processor or higher.
  • 500 megahertz or faster processor.
  • 128mb of Memory or more
  • 56K, Cable/DSL internet connection or better.
  • Internet connections less than 56K will be very slow as the map files are sometimes very large.

I keep clicking on the "refresh" button but it takes a long time for my map to be displayed, why is this happening?

  • The slowness of the Internet Mapping System may be the results of a couple of factors. Some of these factors may be:
  • The speed of your internet connection.
  • Cable / DSL modem (versus) a slower Dial-up connection.
  • Speed of your system processor and amount of memory 1000mhz Pentium III (versus) a slower 266mhz Pentium II processor.
  • Network traffic on the internet.
  • Less people online = more bandwidth for you.

I've turned the layer off but it keeps remaining visible, why is this happening?

  • You must hit the Refresh button when you turn a layer off. If you just click off a layer and try to zoom in or pan to a new area, the system will turn the layer back on.

I've turned on the Aerial photographs but they are not visible?
  • There may be a layer that has a solid fill turned on that is drawing above and blocking the aerial imagery. The aerial imagery is the very bottom layer. Turn off solid fill layers that appear above the aerial imagery. This may also be caused because you may need to zoom in more to view this layer. Aerial photography is sometimes only visible at a certain level. Think of yourself in a airplane, the closer you are to the ground, the more you able to see the site of land, the more you zoom out or the further away you are in the plane, the less you're able to see.

Why isn't my property displaying?
  • Your property may not be displaying because:
  • If your building is fairly new, we may not have it in our GIS system yet.
  • If your parcel has recently been split or merged, we may not have it in our GIS system yet.
  • Our GIS files are updated monthly, if you feel there is a layer that is incorrect please contact the Town of Eden.

What type of layers does the Town of Eden have available for one to view?

  • The Town of Eden has over 25 layers. Just a few of the many layers are parcels, ponds, open space index, agricultural, wetlands,sewer and water lines, etc.

We hear so much about Disaster Preparedness for our community, has the GIS helped in this area for the Town of Eden?
  • Yes. The Town of Eden is unique in that we have formed a database of information that contains all residents in Eden who are dependent on life support systems. Should a disaster occur in our area this database helps Eden's Emergency Personnel to locate these residents immediately.

If I have an idea of a layer that may be helpful, may I contact the Town of Eden?

  • Yes. Our GIS is a working tool document that we will be always updating with new layers based on changing times and new ideas. We appreciate any comments or suggestions you may have to help our community.

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