Town of Eden Recreation Department

The Town of Eden's Recreation Department strives to provide every resident with an opportunity to participate in healthy, educational and fun recreational programs and activities.

Eden Recreation is continually working to improve our existing programs while adding new and innovative programs and activities to meet the ever changing needs of our residents and community. Your thoughts, comments, ideas and suggestions are always welcome. Most importantly--We hope you have FUN!!

Mrs. Susan Brass, Recreation Director

Link to Website: Town of Eden Recreation Department

Eden Recreation offers: Baseball & Softball via Eden Athletic Association; Youth Tennis, League Tennis, Track & Field via Eden Valley Track Club, Adult Volleyball, Youth Volleyball, Adult Basketball, Youth Basketball.

Town of Eden's Recreation Department
Mrs. Susan Brass, Director

Recreation Advisory Board
Mr. James Brass, Chairman
Mr. David Yingling, Vice Chairman
Mr. Michael Best
Mr. Jack Cuddihy
Mr. Peter Gugino
Mr. Gordon Karstedt

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Whatever your desired sport is ... Eden has it all!