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  • Congratulations Town of Eden Residents on your Green Certificate and for caring about our Environment !
  • Earned Income Tax Credit Eligibility and Guidelines
  • Financial Assistance for Qualified Homes Needing Repairs
  • Invitation to Widows of Eden_North-Collins
  • Verizon FIOS Inquiries
  • New Electronic Waste Guidelines for 2012/2013
  • Recycling and Refuse Information, Normal Collection Pickup Schedule
  • More Go Green Initiatives in Eden
  • Services for Seniors
  • GIS Maps of Eden
  • A Few of Eden's Finest
  • Welcome New Business to Town....

    Uppercase Living and Photography

    Janine Belleisle
    (716) 425-5163
    Contact Janine Belleisle

    The Art of Self Expression. Make your space a reflection of the unique individual you are. Whether you identify with a deeply motivational thought, a beautiful embellishment, a bold image, or a combination of these, Uppercase Living expressions let you be who you are and let you express your uniqueness in your surroundings. We call this the art of self expression.

    Visit us at the Uppercase Living website: Uppercase Living or on Facebook at Facebook_Uppercase Living

    Welcome New Business to Town....

    Exclusively Alaskan Good

    8750 S. Main Street
    Suite 104
    Eden, NY 14057
    All Alaskan Seafood Market

    The highest quality Seafood directly from Alaskan Fishermen, Store location in Western New York supplies all of Eastern New York with hard to find Alaskan Seafood item. Also featuring Alaskan exotic meats like Elk and Caribou. Please call us at 716-575-4114 or visit us at Exclusively Alaskan Goods

    Official Vote Results on the Special Referendum of the
    Special Election for East Eden Fire Hall Renovations

  • Held on: Tues., 11/23/10
  • Results:
  • Total Yes: 195
  • Total No: 70
  • Details of notice below:
  • Special Election for East Eden Fire Hall Renovations
  • Informational Meetings were held: 10/30/10 from 1-4 pm and 11/08/10
  • Final vote count on Proposed Water District No.5 held on 08/03/10:

    YES - 100
    NO - 90

  • Burning Leaves in New York State -- BANNED
    Effective Immediately - Fines imposed range from $375.00 - $15,000. This is enforced in the Town of Eden, NY. Please click on the link above for more details.

  • Welcome.. New Business..Polished Nail Bar & Salon to Eden!!! Polished Nail Bar & Salon in Eden locally owned and operated by Randy and Kim Schmitz
    Left to right, Mary, Cheryl, Kim, Megan & Caitlin!

  • Welcome.. New Business..Tim Horton to Eden!!! Tim Horton in Eden locally owned and operated by Randy and Kim Schmitz
    Left to right, Randy, Tyler, Kim and Danny inside the Cup!   

  • Western New York Storm Water Coalition
    and what it means to the Town of Eden

  • The Town of Eden and a number of communities in Western New York have joined together to develop stormwater management programs to protect our waterways and enhance our quality of life. The overall goal of the Coalition is to utilize regional collaboration to identify existing resources and develop programs to reduce the negative impacts of stormwater pollution and runoff.

    Most of the information regarding this effort may be found at the Erie County Department of Environment and Planning's Website for the purpose of enhancing public knowledge and awareness of stormwater pollution and providing information to individuals and households to prevent stormwater pollution and protect water quality.

    The Town of Eden is now in the process of reviewing the areas that may fall under the MS4 regulations. The MS4 regulated areas are divided into three separate areas in the Town of Eden. One area is bordered by the Northwest corner of the Town and US Route 20. The second area extends along Route 62 through the North and Central areas of the Town. The third area is in the Northeast corner of the Town, and extends South along East Eden Road.

    The Town of Eden is seeking comments regarding the prevention of pollution to stormwater on any proposed design plans and construction projects in the regulated MS4 areas in the Town.

    Please click on the link to obtain the "Comment/Complaint Form for Stormwater Issues in the regulated MS4 areas" and either email back to the Town of Eden, to Attention: Honorable Supervisor Glenn Nellis, or drop off at Town Hall where additional copies are available, or mail to the address listed below:

    Town of Eden
    2795 East Church Street
    Eden, NY 14057
    Att: Honorable Glenn Nellis

    Link to Outfall Mapping Site-Displaying all areas applicable.

  • Link to presentation given to Eden Town Board and community from Mary Rossi, and Vicki Haas, Environmental Specialist from Erie County Department of Environment and Planning.

    Listed below is a link to the WNY Stormwater Coalition Stormwater Management Plan, Western New York Stormwater Coalition Stormwater Management Plan for Public Review

  • Town of Eden Geographical Information System ("GIS") Website
    View digital aerial photography of your property!
    View Soil Types and conditions!
    Locate a business!

  • Eden Chamber of Commerce Membership Benefit Subdirectory!-- Receive discounts for Eden Chamber Members!

  • Town of Eden Business Revolving Loan Fund
    To obtain an application and/or information, please contact:
    Supervisor's Office Town of Eden - Town Hall
    2795 East Church Street
    Eden, New York 14057
    716-992-3408 or Chamber of Commerce 716-992-4799

  • Eden Town Hall - 2795 East Church Street, Eden, NY  14057