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The Town of Eden delivers the
very best municipal services
through a partnership of
residents and employees.

Listed above is a partial list of links to Town of Eden's-provided services. Links in GREEN are to services offered by other jurisdictions, provided here as a convenience to citizens.

Please note: When clicking on the links in GREEN you will be leaving the Town of Eden's Website. The Town of Eden will not be responsible for the material nor does it necessarily agree with the content expressed herein the external links provided.


  • 9-1-1 & Other Emergency Services
  • Airport- Buffalo/Niagara International
  • Air Quality - Office for Indoor (County of Erie)
  • Agriculture
  • Animals - Animal Control
  • Applications On-Line
  • Asa Warrem House
  • Assessors Department Assitance
  • Assessment_ Town of Eden Tentative Assessment & Final Roll
  • "B"

  • Brush Services
  • Budget Information
  • Bulk Services
  • Business Directory
  • Building Permit Applications
  • Building Department's Assistance
  • Bus Service (NFTA) in Eden
  • Bus Service (NFTA) Outside of Eden
  • "C"

  • Cable Regulations
  • Chamber Department's Assistance
  • Churches in Eden, NY
  • Clerk Department's Assistance
  • Community Concerns of WNY, Inc.
  • Court Department's Assistance
  • "D"

  • DEC, NY State Department of Environmental Conservation
  • Death Records-Erie County
  • Dining in Eden, NY
  • Disaster Preparedness Plan for Town of Eden, NY
  • "E"

  • Economy
  • Eden Recreation
  • Electronic Waste
  • Emergency Services
  • Emergency Notification Form
  • Education in Eden
  • Erie County
  • "F"

  • Fish & WildLife Service National Wetlands Inventory
  • Farmers' Market in Eden, NY
  • Federal Government
  • "G"

  • Going Green in Eden, NY
  • Government Services
  • "H"

  • Highway Services
  • History in Eden, NY
  • "I"

  • Presently there are no listings under "I".


  • Presently there are no listings under "J".



  • Lodging
  • "M"

  • Masterplan
  • "N"

  • National Wetlands Inventory
  • Town of Eden's Natural Resource Inventory
  • (16.3 mb)
  • New York State
  • New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
  • New York State Property Home Sales Database
  • Niagara Frontier Transit Authority>
  • "O"

  • Town of Eden's Open Space Indexy
  • (16.3 mb)
  • Organizations
  • Office of Victim Services


  • Pollution Prevention - Erie County
  • Planning Board
  • Public Safety
  • Permits
  • "Q"

  • Presently there are no listings under "Q".


  • Recreation in Eden
  • "S"

  • Services for Seniors
  • Shopping
  • Scrap Metal Pickup
  • "T"

  • Taxes
  • Taxpayer Information with Assessment
  • Search Town of Eden NY Real Property Tax Information On-line


  • Upcoming Events
  • "V"

  • Visit Eden
  • Volunteers
  • "W"

  • Warrem - Asa Warrem House
  • "X"

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  • Presently there are no listings under "Y".


  • Zoning
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    Bus Services in Town of Eden

    New Metro Link #216 Bus Route

    NFTA-METRO will provide shuttle van service from Tri-County Hospital to the McKinley Mall with stops at Erie Community College South, Collins Correctional Facility and many other places in between. This new route also connects to other Metro services, making many other places in our area easily accessible.

    The Shuttle will run Monday thru Friday of each week. On its way to the McKinley Mall, the Shuttle is scheduled to pass through Eden at 6:01, 9:01 and 11:41 AM and 1:01 and 4:31 PM and will pick up passengers at Pontiac/Sandrock Road, The Randall Insurance Agency, Eden Shur Fine and Webster Road. The Shuttle will leave the McKinley Mall at 6:41, 9:50 and 11:10 AM and 2:40 and 5:20 PM.

    On its way to Gowanda, the Shuttle will pass through Eden at 7:20, 10:29 and 11:49 AM and 3:19 and 5:59 PM and will pick up passengers at the same 4 locations listed above.

    For Sunday and/or Holiday bus schedules, please contact nfta.com or call 855-7211.

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    The Town of Eden Tax Department is located in the Town Clerk's Office. This department is responsible for the collection of the Town/County and the School taxes for the respective school district (Eden, Boston, North Collins, and Concord), which are located within the town. The Town/County taxes are typically due on March 15th and the School Taxes are due on October 15th each year.


    Tax payments
    Duplicate paid receipts
    Delinquent taxes (for last 3 years)
    Change of address
    Change of escrow account information

    For more information please call the Eden Town Clerk's Office at 716 992-3406.

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