Envision a relaxing place with a blue sky, rippling waterfalls, vast mountain views, serene open space and a touch of adventure.

Imagine a community that when you walk down the street and wave hello to a resident they wave hello back!

A beautiful, starry night under the twinkling stars and a warm bonfire is the setting
	for these folks! 

Imagine sitting by a bonfire at night roasting marshmallows and then throwing your sleeping bags under the stars only to dream of the excitement of the next day.



The Town of Eden is this place. Go for a hike, have a picnic, go for a bike ride, put in a bit of golfing, fishing or even a bit of horsebackriding. Or perhaps your taste is to visit an historic site or enjoy a bit of shopping.

Whatever your pleasures are the Town of Eden showcases scenic beauty, relaxation and pure family fun around every corner.

Listed below are just a few more of these activities and sites in Eden. Contact the Eden Chamber of Commerce for more information at (716) 992-4799

Kazoo Company

Located at 8703 South Main Street, Eden, New York 14057 (716) 992-3960. The World's Sole Producer of Metal Kazoos!

The original American Kazoo Company was established in 1916 and is now the only metal kazoo factory in the world. The museum highlights history, amusing trivia, and shows step by step the way kazoos are made. Click on the image link for more fascinating details, directions and hours of operation to prepare for your worthwhile visit to this amazing establishment!

Asa Warren

Asa Warren House - Built in 1815, this house located on South Main Street in Eden, NY was a station for the "Built in 1815, this house located on South Main Street was a station for the "Underground Railroad." Click on the image of Asa Warren house for more information.

Croop Mill

Croop Mill in Eden Valley

Located in Eden Valley. This historic mill is the site of the first lumber mill in Eden built by Elisha Welch in 1811 and the first grist mill also built by him in 1812.

Upcoming Events on Eden's Calendar

The Town of Eden "upcoming events" can now be located on the Town of Eden's Calendar. This calendar highlights upcoming events consisting of Street Festivals where garage sales are everywhere, Corn Festival events where corn, amusement rides, friends and laughter can be found, Fun Walks, Cow Chip Bingo, Golf Outing Events and much, much more that can always be found on the "fun to do list"!

If you have an event that is occuring in the Town of Eden or a neighboring community and would like to add your event to the Town of Eden's Calendar, please contact us (716) 992-3408 or email us at Eden Webmaster and we would be happy to add your event. Please include: Title of Event, Date of Event, Location of Event, Time of Event, Contact Owner of Event if applicable, url address if applicable and any other pertinent information necessary.

Come and visit us in the breathtaking views of the Garden of Eden.
		 You'll enjoy golfing, fishing,and horsebackriding to name just a few activities!
		  The Town of Eden also showcases many farmer's markets where you can find homegrown strawberries, 
		  corn, pumpkins and much more!