Asa Warren House

Asa Warren House - Built in 1815, this house located on South Main Street in Eden, NY was a station for the "Built in 1815, this house located on South Main Street was a station for the "Underground Railroad." Click on the image of Asa Warren house for more information.

Colonel Asa Warren, a veteran of the War of 1812, came to Eden from Willink (East Aurora), and built a grist mill on the site of the present Kromer Mills at Toad Hollow. In 1815, he built the house on South Main Street owned for many years by Warren Landon. It is said that this house was a station for the "Underground Railroad." As a result of the fugitive slave law, passed in Henry Clay's Omnibus Bill of 1850, the system arose of helping the slaves escape.

At certain houses and neighborhoods, they were safely guarded from their pursuers, fed, and hidden, in a hayloft, attic, or cellar. At night they were taken on to the next station toward Canada and freedom. The old cellar in the Asa Warren house tells no tales, but its construction seems to be well-fitted for the purpose. Also, Asa was a man of strong principle who would have been likely to champion the unfortunate people born to slavery.

For more information on visiting the Asa Warren House please contact the Eden Chamber of Commerce at (716) 992-4799.

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